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A Blog, Shared

It’s our day together.

No work. The kids are at school. Jason has his laptop. I have mine.

I’m pretty sure Jason thinks I talk too much. I agree. But I’m on to something, I’ve discovered that when I type my thoughts…I have to let some go—

1) Because I can’t keep up with all of my thoughts and

2) Because some thoughts aren’t worth sharing.

To even out our communicating, Jason and I have come up with a plan. We are going to interblog.

Inter – blog = A collaborative blog writing experience where each author builds upon and expands the thoughts of the other.

I talk a lot on Sundays and Wednesdays. I don’t talk a lot otherwise.

We can drive from here to Amarillo and I’ll never feel the need to say more than, “What do you want to eat?” Sounds pretty lame right?

It is.

But when you’ve known each other for as long as Kristi and I have been knowing one another, there is something deeper being communicated than words can express.

There is a joy of being in each other’s presence. There is a security in a love that is well established. There is a fondness that can be expressed through a look, or a touch. There is a fellowship enjoyed by two who are on a journey together.

 I know a silent car ride doesn’t sound like the most romantic thing in the world. It certainly is weak on the WOW factor. But being beside my bride, for all of these years, for all of these quiet trips, has led to a WOW marriage.

I shared with a group of kiddos not so long ago what my idea of prayer is. It matches what Jason just mentioned.

A prayer can be “Dear Lord, You amaze me…….Amen”. That’s often been the way I speak to God; like we’re having a long distance phone conversation.

If I am in the house with Jason, I don’t tell him bye before I walk out of the room like I’m finished with him. I don’t even say good morning. We are just pleasantly aware of each other’s presence.

If we are to pray without ceasing, there are few “dear Lord’s” and “Amens” because the communication is continual—even in silence. Greetings are unnecessary. I’m thankful that God has given me a life-partner that I can enjoy being with 99.9% of the time (the other .1% accounts for an occasional mood moment).

Our close and steady relationship, I believe, is a beautiful picture of the kind of relationship and communication God wants with us. I say that in complete humility knowing that I am a mere speck of dust in comparison to God. That’s what makes it all the more amazing—that he delights at my delighting in him.

It’s the important things that we take for granted. When we neglect to reflect on what is most important to us, we are in danger of holding those things in low esteem.

It’s sad when we only realize how special something is when it is taken from us. Here’s what I plan to do for both Kristi and for God today…

  • Be Intentional. I’m learning to say, “I Love You” to Kristi and to God throughout the day.
  • Be Creative. I’m going to be loving God and Kristi for a long time. I need to find many ways to express that love.
  • Be Real. God created me to love him from my heart, not from someone else’s idea of how I should love him. He wants my words, my affections, my honest reactions, and my true sentiments. This also applies to how we love our spouses. We need to give them the love that is absolutely true to our hearts. There are no techniques or gimmicks. There is only the real you, encountering the real them, in the context of real love.

Read Song of Solomon. It doesn’t get more real.

 How do you pass your time together?

What conversations do you no longer have to have?

How has your faith formed the relationship you have with your spouse?

Start Here

A couple of Decembers ago, Kristi and I thought we came across the perfect Christmas gift for our little Rylie.

She really enjoys helping Mama in the kitchen so when we found a little play kitchen at the store we immediately decided to pick it up.  It was the right size for her 4-year-old stature and the right price for our budget.

The box said, “Some Assembly Required.”

I’m a veteran Santa’s helper.  I was not intimidated.

I’ve done some impressive things to create a certain mystique on Christmas morning for our kids.  Just ask Hayden about the full sized basketball goal that was found in the living room one Christmas.  It was WAY too big to fit through the door.

There was another time that I erected an outdoor play set inside the house (and then AGAIN outside the house).

Thankfully this kitchen was not gigantic.  I planned on snapping it together well in advance of the big day and hiding it from curious eyes until the Red Intruder made his existence known in the Burden house.

I allotted a generous amount of time for the construction of this tiny kitchen.  I couldn’t see how it could take more than 30 from beginning to end.  That is until I actually opened the box.

I don’t know how they do it.  As I was removing the pieces from the box I was reminded of a circus act I’ve seen before.  You know the one.  It’s where a little car drives into the ring and 400 clowns get out of a vehicle the size of a Yugo.  When I was done emptying the box’s contents, I had parts scattered all over the house.

The last thing that came out of the box was the instructions.  It was a SINGLE page.  One Page, One Thousand Parts!

To complicate matters, the instruction page was printed in some form of new-age hieroglyphics.  As I looked out over the array of nuts, bolts, pieces of wood, and odds-and-ends, I couldn’t make heads from tails.  I didn’t know where to BEGIN!

What was supposed to take a mere 30 minutes ate up over three hours.

NOTE TO SELF: “Some Assembly Required” means “Do Not Buy This, At Any Price!”

It’s interesting to look back on that day.  My little project for Rylie did not BEGIN with bolting a board to a knob or a handle to a door.  It BEGAN with LOVE.

It was LOVE that made the purchase.

It was LOVE that set aside the time for construction.

It was LOVE that was looking forward to a big smile and an even bigger hug from Daddy’s favorite 4 year old.

I’ve talked with many people over the years who wanted to know what to do to BEGIN the Christian life.  They were looking for a system to follow, a program to keep, a regiment to maintain.

Those have their place, but they are not the start of the Christian existence any more than Rylie’s kitchen started by attaching Board #135 to Handle #229.  The Christian life BEGINS with LOVE, God’s LOVE.

God’s LOVE is so much greater than we can possibly imagine.

It was His LOVE that sent His Son.

It was His LOVE that paid the price for our salvation.

It is His LOVE that has prepared us a home in eternity with Him.

It is His wonderful LOVE that we acknowledge and, in the best way we can, reciprocate.

It is when we realize God’s arms are wide open to us in a real and personal way that the Christian life BEGINS.

Our life with God BEGINS, proceeds, and culminates in LOVE.

I hope you are looking forward to celebrating the rich, deep and undeniable LOVE God has for you as we gather for worship this weekend.  My prayer is that He will inspire us through our singing, praying and preaching to LOVE Him with all of our heart, and with all of our soul, and with all of our strength, and with all of our mind.