I Want To Initiate The Day With Prayer…

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.
Jeremiah 33:3

(I stole all of this off of Kristi’s post. I love her writing. Her words minister to me. Follow her at KristiBurden.com)

His alarm blares and I roll over with my eyes still closed. I thank God for another day because I’m learning that every day counts.

  • I want to initiate the day with prayer.

I fold a blanket and start a load of clothes. I grab the handful of items that are cluttering the ottoman and put them where they belong. I create a space to talk to God.

  • I want to feel settled in for prayer.

I come across a verse. I wonder at how God can be so vast. I listen to a song. I’m captured by how He can so speak to me so intimately.

  • I pray with silence, with awe, with a chorus.

I watch my kids chattering in the living room. I unexpectedly get to pack a lunch for the grown one.

  • I pray with a grin.

Houston traffic is squeezed into a single lane. Barricades allow no escape. My heart hammers. There’s a 2 am phone call. My heart stops.

The twentieth piece of anxious news blares from the TV screen.

  • I pray a single word in desperation, sometimes over and over and I know I’m heard.

I get angry, hurt, impatient, insecure.

  • As the song says, “I come broken to be mended, I come wounded to be healed.”

Friends are in overwhelming situations. Loved ones have difficult decisions to make. I’m wordy, thoughtful and specific as I propose a way it could be fixed.

  • I make my requests known to God, and then pray His will be done.
  • Other times I come to the conclusion “I’ve got nothing”, and recognize, in prayer, that the Spirit intercedes for me.

The day is done. Or is it? Problems, scenarios, fill my head, connected to boxes left unchecked. I borrow thoughts meant for tomorrow, or maybe not meant to be had at all.

It’s after midnight. I’m restless.

I’m thirsty like I was when I was a child asking my Father for nighttime water.

  • I pray His grace pours over me. And it always does.

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