A Community Devoted to the Apostles’ Teachings

“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching…”
Acts 2:42

Think about the things that you find yourself devoted to. I find myself glued to the TV on Saturdays, devoted to my favorite college football teams (whether they are winning this year or not).  

I’m devoted to the school activities my kids are in.  Rare is the occasion they have something going on at school that I’m not there rooting them on.

I’m devoted to grilling great meat on my Big Green Egg. If you’ve followed me on Instagram you’ve seen some of my culinary creations.

Luke, who wrote the books of Acts, describes the early church as DEVOTED.  They were devoted to the Apostles’ teachings.

Can you imagine sitting at the feet of the men who personally sat at the feet of Jesus?

I know I would have had a lot of questions for them. And we can all still learn something from them since a number of them wrote down their accounts of the life of Jesus.

What is true for the early followers of Christ should be true for us.  When it comes to our discipleship, and our eagerness to learn about Jesus, we should be DEVOTED.

There is something powerful at work here:  We become like that which we are devoted to.

As the first believers gave themselves over more and more to the teachings of the Apostles, they began to be able to embody those teaching in their lives.  

Isn’t that where revival starts with us? Revival begins when we give up our ways of doing things and embrace God’s ways.  The first believers were abandoning their old devotions and taking of their new devotions that had to do with the teachings about Christ.

Your and I are part of a Doctrinal Community. The church is a gathering of believers held together around a set of Religious Convictions.  

Convictions are those things which we are absolutely convinced of.  

We are absolutely convinced that there is a God.

We are absolutely convinced that God is knowable.

We are absolutely convinced that God had revealed himself to men and women.

We are absolutely convinced that the Bible, God’s word, is true and authoritative.  

Most importantly, we are absolutely convinced that Jesus is God’s son who was born of a virgin, raised in obscurity, ministered powerfully with signs and wondered attesting that he was the Messiah, who died for our sins and rose on the third day, just as he said he would.

These doctrinal convictions bind us together as the family of God.

The more devoted we are to those convictions that hold us together, the more we will experience the blessings of God, just as they did in the early church.  

What could you decide to do, right now, to increase your devotion to the Apostles’ Teachings?  

Maybe read a chapter of the Bible each day for the rest of this month….

Attend a Bible Study or worship service that you’ve not been to regularly (Wednesday evening and Sunday evening worship opportunities are always a good time to go deeper into God’s word)…  

Pick up a book at the Christian bookstore that will help you apply the Apostles’ writings and Jesus’ teaching to a particular area of your life…

May the Lord lead you to be even more devoted, as the first Christians were, to the teachings of the Apostles’ about our savior Jesus Christ.

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