Memorial Day Dilemma

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to Everyone!


As I sit here drinking my Seaport coffee and enjoying my apple fritter, I’m struck by one of the most pressing questions a long weekend presents: What am I going to cook?

There are a few criteria I must follow.

1. It has to be cooked outside. Thankfully, it’s shaping up to be a beautiful Memorial Day weekend.

2. It has to be cooked outside on the Big Green Egg. This should be a given.


It’s a glorious sight!

3. It has to be a meal cooked outside in the Big Green Egg that is worthy of the occasion.

Here’s what I mean: It wouldn’t be fitting make grilled cheese sandwiches for Memorial Day. We are, after all, remembering our soldiers who gave their life in battle.

Regardless of what is cooked, thanks will be given for the freedom we are blessed with.

I hope you will join me this weekend in expressing gratitude to God for those who gave their lives for the cause of freedom. When you see a veteran, thank them for the portion of their life they dedicated to the great country.


God Bless America