Heyday Fridays in May: Bruce’s Seafood Deli


This is a Shared Blog, the kind we used to do the in the Old Days. You remember the Old Days back in 2012?

Kristi and I have been checking out eating places for the first time and she’s been sharing her experiences over at www.GodsGirlies.com. You should check them out if you haven’t read them already. So far, this is our third week and our third foodie review.

Kristi Says:

I’m a little uncomfortable writing right now.  My laptop could near lay on my belly while I type just like my plate could when I was with child. I had a good lunch. (Not to mention a large dip-cone from DQ in honor of my Swedish sister Eva who mentioned last Friday that “You shoulda had  ice cream  too”.  If you’ve forgotten or haven’t been told, it’s Friday.  And Jason and I have decided to celebrate every Friday in May while at the same time making our contribution to SETX by dining at the local eateries and then giving a review.  Don’t mention it.  It’s our pleasure.  Really. 

Today we decided to eat at Bruce’s Seafood Deli in Port Arthur.  We’d heard about it from a couple of friends.   They compared Bruce’s to the now closed J Martin’s Seafood on Nederland Ave.  I agree.  It seems that J Martin must have changed his name and moved on down the road to Port Arthur.  Bruce’s serves salt and pepper shrimp so tasty that even if you order a large order of them, you’ll only be willing to share one shrimp with your wife.  If you like oysters, you’re in luck too.  There’s more oyster than “fried outside”, which is important.  I was sorry to see J Martin’s go but Bruce, you’re alright too.

I’m so full that I’ve asked Jason’s help in writing this review.  Here’s his take.


Jason’s Take On Bruce’s:


We arrived at Bruce’s right around 11:00 AM. The lunch crowd had not yet formed but business was definitely picking up. By the time we placed our orders a line had formed behind us. A steady stream of hungry people entered Bruce’s while we were there. There are not a lot of bells and whistles as far as service goes. The menu is on the wall behind the counter, the lady at the front takes your order, and you go wait for your dish to come out. I take it that Bruce’s is more of a take-out place than a sit-down restaurant. This matters very little to me. Just don’t arrive expecting to be waited on hand and foot. There are tradeoffs here. On one hand, you have to bus your own table. On the other hand, you get to save money on the tip. I’m all for saving money to spend on dessert. For what they are doing, I would say they are doing it well.

I didn’t go there for the ambience. That being said, I found it to be clean and uncluttered. It reminded me of the old J. Martin’s Seafood on Nederland Ave. I suspect there was a connection between Bruce’s and J. Martin’s. It was something about the oversized crawfish hanging variously on the walls that left that impression with me. The best part about the atmosphere was the light hearted conversations I could overhear between the patrons. Folks were trading stories, laughing and having a good time. I enjoy a place where people come to enjoy themselves.

Price – $$
This was good seafood. Kristi and I paid @ $26 for two plates of food plus drinks. That’s on par with what we would spend just about anywhere else. What throws us off is that I always make Kristi get the next size up from what she would normally order. She would have ordered the 6 fried oyster plate if I had not intervened and upped it to the 9. It was well worth the money.

Oh my gosh…they had more items on their menu than you can shake a stick at. There were pictures on the wall to advertise certain plates. I’m going to have to go back a few times to get my mind around the menu. It was too large to take in during a single visit. Most of it was fried items but there were some other offerings as well.

I had a combination I’ve never put together before: Salt and Pepper Shrimp and Chicken Wings. I’ll admit, when I saw the picture of this dish on the wall, I thought it was the Shrimp and Catfish. I wasn’t disappointed. The wings were tasty. The shrimp were large (as far as shrimp go). The food wasn’t greasy and it was seasoned just right. It was piping hot when we got it to our table. As I mentioned earlier, Kristi had the Fried Oysters. Good choice! I judge a fried oyster by whether or not it taste like an oyster after they’ve fried it. These were oysters! I could have eaten all of my plate and two of Kristi’s!


Overall, this was a really good idea. We finished off the lunch date by picking up an ice cream at DQ and then eating it down at the river in Port Neches. No big boats came by but it was a wonderful day to have the windows down, catch some sun, and hang out with my best friend!