To My Little Star

Today is the last day for my daughter Hallie to be 12 years old  Our family is changing.  We will have a teenage girl in the house TOMORROW!

I’ve written a letter to her.

To My Little Star, From Your Father….

Hallie, turning 13 is not only a big thing for you, it’s been seen as a “big thing” by people all around the world, throughout time.

It’s the age where who you will be starts to be seen.  You’re still a kid, but you’re not as much of a child as you used to be.  You’re not grown up, but you are more of an adult than you once were.

I know you want to be a star!  Congratulations, you ARE a star.  You share your brightness with your family, your friends, and anyone you meet.  Now that you are starting to direct more and more of your own life, you have to answer the question: What Kind Of Star Are You Going To Be?

Here’s kind of star I see in you…

You are a guiding star.  Like the North Star, you are constant.  You are who you are.  I love you the way you are.  The North Star is always in the same place.  You’ve been you since the first day we brought you home.  You are independent.  You have inner strength.  You are brilliant.  We love who you are.  Don’t change.  By being who you are, you guide other people to where they need to be.  Be secure in being YOU.

Every star is part of a constellation, a fellowship, or a community of other stars.  Even the North Star is part of something bigger.  The North Star is part of the Little Dipper.  God has already given you some people for your constellation.  He’s given you family.  You have a church who loves you.  You have some close friends.  When you look up into the sky and see the Little Dipper, remember to thank God for the people he has put in your life.  I know all of those people are thanking him for You today.

I’ve loved watching you become the star you are today AND I can’t wait to see how you shine in the years to come.

No matter what, Daddy loves his little star, even though she’s not so little anymore!