Revelations of a Single Woman. A Book Review.

It’s not often that I read outside of my literary cul-de-sac of genres. Besides reading commentaries on scripture and discipleship books, I bounce back and forth between biographies, military history, and action/adventure fiction.

Revelations of a Single Woman is none-of-the-above.

So why am I, a man, a married man of almost 20 years, reading about the life of a single woman?

I’ve been preparing for a sermon topic that I’ve never preached before: Being Christian and Single. I preach on marriage and parenting and family issues quiet often. But what about those in the congregation who are single? What have they been missing all of these years from my sermons?

Jesus was single. The Apostle Paul was single. As much as 1/3rd of any congregation is single. This is a big issue.

Connally Giliam, author of Revelations of a Single Woman, bears her heart and soul in ways that are engaging, informative and entertaining. Reading Revelations of a Single Woman was less like studying a book and more like having conversations over many cups of coffee with an old friend. Gilliam touches on everything. While holding nothing back, she handles the awkward subjects with candor and grace.

Revelations of a Single Woman is good news to our Christian single ladies. Gilliam talks about how single women can be single, purposeful and fulfilled. Revelations of a Single Woman is good reading for any single, man or woman, who is looking for someone that shares their hopes and struggles. It’s also an excellent read for anyone wanting to related better with their single friends or family members.

Check it out.  It’s good reading.  Click on the Link below to get your copy on 

Revelations of a Single Woman: Loving the Life I Didn’t Expect